Life As I See It… Episode 1

Don’t waste your time fighting hard when you know the battle ain’t yours but the Lords’…

At a time when it looks all but chaotic, a time when all hope seems lost, and when all you can see are but shadows in the dark…do not despair for there is none else besides Him.

I am the Nigerian dream, though torn between two worlds, I know the value and strong-will I possess. I know that the gold in me is greater than the oil in this great nation.
I am the future of this great country and the future is now…

It’s 22:49 and it’s a friday night. Yes, a friday night indeed. And as I put my head down to rest I begin to reminisce…it all comes down to a single moment. That moment when I choose to remain at home,
to sit still and think about what life has to offer and what lies in store for me. That moment when I decide to become the best I can be, that moment when i finally realise that in order to reach my potential
i would have to strive and put in all I’ve got. That moment i choose not to fall back anymore on a natural high when i face difficult challenges. That moment when in the midst of conflict I choose to lean on Him
and watch Him fight my battles.

I am Arinze and i have a little story to tell.

Life as we see it may seem rather complex but indeed it really isn’t as we assume. It really is simple as I have learnt over the years.
I am in my last year of formal education in one of the most respected higher instituitions in the country. I have come to realise that it is not about how we fight or the battles we choose to fight.
I am not addicted to drugs but i have seen it all. I do not have a kid or children because i chose to lean on my cravings for her. I do not have excellent results and that equally is not because I am not intelligent.
I have been in and out of relationships, both with God and women. I am not an alchoholic but in my best mood, tipsy is my ideal word. I am not affiliated with any confraternity. And yes, i am just a little over twenty.

Having grown up in a home where in my honest opinion, conversations were lacking, my best friend was my mind. Yes, that thing on the inside which i can yet describe…perhaps a genie that can be stretched.
A mind limited to its own imaginations and swimming in ignorance. A mind with the capacity to do so great a thing, from as little as setting my pants on fire to as great as single handedly enriching uranium without the
use of certain things and developing the worlds first of everything. A virgin mind…oooops…i stand to be corrected. A mind as filthy as can be and perhaps to be compared with…


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