Life as I see it… Episode 3

My people, how’re you all doing? You’d probably say I have been as “inefficient” as our nation 9ja! Having been in absentia, I can only say I have been overwhelmed by things of this life….you know nah!

Soooooo…Arinze just got back from a trip to the desert, and like every other tourist has a lot to say about the  trip but I’ll rather write on the state of our nation with respect to what entails in the outside world which I have been fortunate to see as “I don go disvirgin my passport”.

Like I told my friend…9ja never dey learn! From the aviation industry to the energy sector, infrastructure development and planning, industries and SME’s, we as a people have gotten it all wrong! We are sitting on a time bomb and leaders as it may, are of the opinion that if the nation implodes they are not going to be held responsible sighting the fact that we have leaders that have insensitive, indifferent, unsympathetic attitude towards the sufferings of the populace.

As they say, it is always good to take a vacation even if it’s once in a while to “find yourself”….to relax, clear your head, to gain new perspective and insight….perhaps! So, as I sit by the pool side on the rooftop of my hotel in Dubai, I start to think about how this city, as artificial as it is, could be so organized. How could a city be planned to a point where even if they had 30million tourists in a day, they could handle them and do so with grandeur! From the plane to immigration, leaving the airport, cruising the streets and visiting tourist attractions, it was all so “near-perfect”. I recall when I got to the Mall of the Emirates and almost lost my breath when I saw a silver rolls Royce ghost…mehn, these Arabians are freaking wealthy! The vallet parking, arrangement of cabs and even the little things such as trolleys made me feel my head ache. There was this longing suddenly, for 9ja….the “giants” of Africa….to wake up from this miserable slumber which has gradually made “Us” a laughing stock amongst nations. To hear “Nigeria and Good” in one sentence is a luxury at the moment, even coming from an African.

Well, trust me…9ja guy in Dubai, I most definitely wouldn’t let all that 9ja wahala get to me…I was looking to have the time of my life! And yes, there were exhilarating moments…the malls were exquisite, the underwater zoo and aquarium with sharks and lots of species of sea animals, the water parks would easily take your breath away, the desert safari…a drive into the desert, dune bashing, the belly dancers and other stuff got me real excited. At some point I was just screaming. When I got back to the hotel, I had to rethink why I was really excited and it struck me…you literally can’t have such fun in a nation that surprisingly is the “sixth” largest exporter of crude oil. So you see my friend, being a Nigerian chases you to even the farthest places on earth, patiently waits for you to finish whatever you’re doing and rips that joy apart. I mean, to have an angry look when the thought of your country crosses and cris-crosses your mind, then there is an untold truth about how messed up things are!


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