#AfterDark…episode 1


“Reality is for people who lack imagination…”


Marie fiddled with Dr. Phil’s belt, she brought out his pennis, she’d longed for this moment in her fantasies. His pennis was huge, smooth and rock hard. “Impressive” she thought. Then, just like she was in a trance, she stood up, held his hard pennis and led her boss to his office like her sex slave but he cared less. He was gonna hit her p***y anyway.

She made him sit on his chair then knelt and looked down like she was gonna confess at an altar and began kissing it slowly and down the shaft. She played with his balls gently, came back up and after rubbing the cap of his pennis in between her boobs, she started sucking it. She sucked so hard on it but the boss wasn’t gonna cum, he wasn’t just a doctor, he was a Sexpert. He had learnt the art of holding back ejaculation. She was so high, she needed him inside her so badly…

The boss then picked her up and began kissing her lips as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Sitting her on his pennis, he pushed her up against the wall began to thrust into her. She was dripping wet but so tight. As he slammed into her, she couldn’t stop moaning.

Moving her to his desk, the sexy doctor shoved a bunch of papers and files out of the way . Laying her on her back, he slowed down his thrusts. With her own fingers she vigorously massaged her clit and couldn’t contain herself any longer. He kept thrusting in and out of her, she held firmly to the sides of the desk. He increased his pace as he sensed her vaginal muscles tightening up….she came; her p***y still pulsating and tightening on his large pennis. He groaned almost about to blow his own load.

She squirted her juices all over him and he pulled his pennis out, lowered himself down and began sucking her again. She screamed with pure ecstasy. Pulling his neck, she pushed his face hard into gherkin longing p***y…the way he stimulated her g-spot made her orgasm unbearable. He,over back up and shoved his pennis back into her, slamming into her faster than before. She held him tight and hoisted herself up to wrap her arms around his neck.

“ooh…yea baby” she moaned In his ear

“uhh…Marie…I’m gonna cum” He panted, fucking her harder and harder. At his words, she felt herself begin to shake. Her p***y exploded more hot cum all over his pennis, clenching onto him as if begging for more.

“Marie…I’m gonna cum…”

“cum baby…I want it…” She begged him

His firm body began to quiver and shake. He moaned and grunted as his cum filled her up. She could feel him filling her up and she came again.

At that moment, the phone in the room rang. Snapping back to reality, she just realized she was only day dreaming, Marie looked around the empty office, lowered her legs from the desk. “Dr. Phil’s office…how may I help you?”


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