You want comfort…what’s your worth?


What is it these days with girls and material things? Yes…they have now been overcome by things of the world oh! Every girl now wants her “baby boy” (well, if nah “maga” she dey call you, nah your own bad pass!) to be buying, buying, buying and buying as if we came to this world to labour for women. Mtcheeeeeeeeew!

You want to eat “Givenchy rice and Gucci beans” for lunch and you want him to bring it to your house in a Bentley…are you now a member of GEJ’s cabinet? Don’t you know they are the only ones with such entitlements?

We often hear a lot of crazy stuff like;

  • If he doesn’t own a car, I’ll pass!
  • If he doesn’t have a “great” job…fimile.
  • If he can’t provide the things that I need, biko let me be!
  • If he cannot package like the children of the thieves we have in PDP, let him spend his time praying and fasting for deliverance because that is what he needs.
  • If he cannot this, if he cannot that…haba, habatically*in p-square’s voice*.

I know women “believe” that men think about sex 98% of the time, sorry to burst your bubble…some men don’t, the real men don’t! That is why they have started referring to their thing (you know nah, that thing down below) as tools. “If they want to get a taste of my cookie, they have to pay!” See you, unofficial ashawo!


A lot of people tend to have issues in their relationships presently; and that’s because we are yet to really talk about finances. It’s an issue that has marred lots of relationships that were probably heading in the right direction. Most times, girls are of the opinion that financial security is one factor that must be available before getting serious with a guy, even if he has flows like Jay-Z and NAS combined. What they ALWAYS fail to tell us is what they coming into the relationship with.

I’m talking about real relationships here, not one where you guys just want to keep shagging yourselves et al. If you’re going to date me, is your selling point just physical stuff? I’m of the opinion that real men are no longer interested in dating “barbies”. You don’t expect me to work real hard, to earn enough to take care of myself and my partner and the only thing she has to offer is sex. It’s not going to work.

I feel men don’t really need a lot from the ladies, it’s in our nature but the few things we need aren’t even there no more. Passion, Friendship, Intellectual conversation, and a good laugh every now and then…these things are really lacking. Look beneath the surface, if they were there, we wouldn’t want to stray. These days, all you get is someone who doesn’t know what she wants out of life. Girls that can’t hold up reasonable conversations except you’re talking about irrelevant stuff and yet you say you don’t know why you’re in the relationship if he chooses to spend his money on something else that interests him?

You feel because you’re supposed to be cooking my meals I should roll on the floor every morning to thank you? Haven’t you heard that the best chefs in the world are men? That’s farfetched sef, thank God for “Mama Cass”, they open new outlets on a regular, so WTF.

You think I can’t do my house chores myself? You think I can’t have a complete life without a woman? You think I can’t have kids without you…then you haven’t heard of surrogacy.

All I’m saying is, if you want us, the real men, to provide comfort in the relationship (the new car, a house in Ikoyi/Lekki, regular vacations and trips round the world, luxury toys…mention all you want, we’re capable) then you have to step your game up.

Stop spending all your time watching silly movies, read a good book. Don’t talk about your hair, nails and how the neighbour’s dog barks all day long, talk to me about reasonable stuff ( it might be about Manchester United FC…*winks*). Yes, don’t stay up talking about why you need to get those new shoes for you, your sister and your cousin, I am dating only you!

I’ll provide all you need and make you comfortable…just show you’re worth it!


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