I know I shouldn’t be here. That’s like the 100th time I would be saying that to myself in the last 10minutes. But my body took no orders from me anymore as his mouth lowered and took my lips. As I responded fiercely, his tongue probed gently, searching and expertly seducing, while his lips crushed on mine answering willingly and mindlessly. I fretted as his lips were all over my face and he buried his mouth under my throat. I shivered as my breasts yielded against the hard line of his chest, arousal -too tame a word, as he was tempted to rip off my shirt, like it stopped him from breathing as I unconsciously reached for his sweater and took it off.

Simultaneously, he also reached for my bra, off it went while he caressed, smooched and suckled my breasts. I was buried in an avalanche of passion as a little tiny voice in my head said again ‘you know you shouldn’t be doing this’.
I wanted to say no but as he rekindled the wild fire blowing through me with soft kisses, touches and unexpected words, as he ripped both of us of all the remaining clothes on us, flesh to heated flesh, the forbidden journey began.

In ecstasy I said NO but what I voiced out were moans with different tracks as his kisses ran everywhere and his searing mouth veered down me, over me and I froze in passion. Then he whispered “baby it wouldn’t hurt, I promise”. I didn’t even care but I did close my eyes as he found me and so did the pop of blood find its way out and then I knew it was broken.

As I opened my eyes, I didn’t see heaven but I saw as the white light dazzled in red, blue and green, and I heard him call my name in a muffle of urgency. There was speed, desire, desperation, urgency, strength and passion. Faster and faster they all collided together, as I lay beneath him and as my hands dug dip into his back, speechless and thoughtless.

As he raised his head to look me in the eye. I couldn’t help but blush as he withdrew voluntarily and as I lay in his arms I couldn’t help but realise I had tasted the forbidden fruit. However, it didn’t matter for this one was for love. I wished God would understand for I was driven by passion.

Few hours later, we got dressed and he took me home.


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