What’s in You? Episode 1

As the sun began to set, I got extremely restless. For days, I have not been able to come to terms with my current state: idle, young, vibrant, broke, indebted graduate. My idea of being restless, suffice to say, is in its own entirety a collection of mixed feelings: fear, anxiety, fever and the likes.

My line of thought is always kinetic…just as my recently acquired kenneth cole luxury watch. Having mentioned this, what is the sense in buying a $300 watch on credit?

The future is bright, Yes. How about today? I will be a wealthy man, Yes. How about my present financial challenges? I will be a man of influence, Yes. How come I feel so lonely and know but a few people? It is said that I’ll be great, Yes. How do I put these little things together?
As I lay on my bed, a thought popped up. A thought, bright as an LED, which seeks to peacefully offer a way out. In that moment, I saw myself as a nation and sought to deal with these issues as any leader would using diplomatic means ( maybe I saw too much of Obama and Netanyahu today). In order to overcome debt and be truly free from such stronghold, it is said that a firm approach should be used.

It is obvious that the first step to be taken is to desist from such actions/purchases/pledges that may result in incurring/obtaining credit. You cannot spend more than you earn and in this case, Earnings = Zero. A wise leader knows that in order to thrive as a nation, decisive action needs to be taken. It is beyond throwing words at eagles.

Secondly, like J. Chen (CEO of RIM), lose patience! When you take debt mildly, it consumes you. It is a cancer. Tackle it aggressively…be mean! Look it in the face and nudge it…tell it, it’s over.
A nation cannot earn revenue on oil it has not harnessed. Create value…harness what’s inside of you! Trade value for gold…for in so doing, you offset debt and gain more!
The right question to be asked thus is:
What’s in you??


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