The #WCW Hashtag


It’s been so long, I could barely remember the password to this account. I hope you all have been great ( the avid followers of my, not so cool blog, those that are stalking my thoughts and those that are as bored as I am).

Firstly, I’d like to wish y’all happy new year, twice! One for 2014 and the second for 2015. To hell with whatever other celebrations you’ve had, yes, that includes your birthday. Pardon my sarcasm, i woke up in this mood.

Back to the matter.

So i just recovered from a malaria bout ( I think the Webstar dictionary defines malaria as an African curse, but since I really can’t get the spelling of “Webster” correct, you can as well ignore the meaning! Na black man curse sha…) and one thing that strikes me about malaria, in my case, is its ability to mess with my thoughts. For example, I may be running temperature and having a headache but that doesn’t make me feel I have malaria, what makes me know I do is when I start talking with myself, Otedola ( much respect sir) and Dangote on my mega yatch, discussing reasons why our boys should support GEJ in the forth coming elections.

Ehen, soooo… I am much better now sha, but woke up thinking about stuff though. I woke up thinking about my crush!!!! *straight face*

Yes ke, Crush: a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate – a person with whom someone is infatuated.

Most normal people have a crush ( because it’s a normal thing, for normal people) and this gave rise to the now popular #WCW hashtag ( whatever that means)! People I know, like Don jazzy be crushing on @badgirlriri ( but will not just buy a jet and fly her to the Maldives and spend quality time with her! Stay there, Meek Mill go soon hit too!), a female friend of mine be crushing on Keke Palmer…and whoever you be crushing on.

Now here’s the thing, what happens when you meet your crush?

Since I am an uncommon pikin, I decided to have an uncommon crush! It’s not my fault though, as she decided to intrude, rudely, and cause katakata in what was a calm life. This “thing”, so beautiful and cute ( like, dangerous levels of cute, as a friend would say), nice and calm to a fault, properly educated and groomed, well spoken and an erudite, just “waka” enter my life like that, who send am message?

So I got to meet her in what would be termed an uncommon circumstance and thought that was the end oh, 00:15hrs ( for una wey no go good skool, 12:15am) I was crawling the internet searching for her picture and bio. Alas, I found her and knew she was the perfect woman to crush on.

Fast forward, 2 years later, I’m having breakfast in a beautiful house by the pool side and this “thing”, just waka come again! Chaiiiiii…there is God oh!!!!! So, for a minute I was stuck trying to ask why my dictionary defines a crush as unattainable, but also realized that it also used the word inappropriate for uncommon people like me just in case we had to have a crush somewhere near home.

Please, my fellow uncommon people, what’s the way forward? So I just tell her I’ve been “crushing” on her or just pray that our paths don’t cross again so I can keep crushing on her? ( by the way, “crushing” is such a lame word!!!!!!! Like, how would i literally want to crush this sweet cherry?)

Let’s solve this #WCW wahala together!


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