Yes, I lied to you!

She looked me in my eyes and asked “Arinze, I know you don’t love me but do you really care about me?”

I was taken aback! It seemed I lost my line of thought for a moment when those words hit me. In a split second, I tried to make up words that would appeal to her emotionally. I wanted to be diplomatic about it but I just had to lie.

We had just finished having dinner a while ago, had a shower together and had just finished the fourth round of sex. In all honesty, it was good. It felt like she was the best I had sex with; there was always something special about the sex. I had come to realize I could never resist her. Anytime she touched me, I let down my guard.

Simi and I met for the first time early this year through a mutual friend. The connection was instant, but we met at the wrong time. It was few months to my 26th birthday and all I was thinking of was making a head way in business and developing myself. I was hell bent on achieving success that relationships, the erotic kind, didn’t matter to me. Besides, I had not had the best of experiences you know.

As she lay, her head resting on my chest, and waited for my response all I could think of was falling asleep.

“Why did she have to wait till I wanted to sleep before asking this question?” I wondered. “Does she always have to bring this up?” “Why would she want to ruin this perfect night?”

As I tried to find answers to these questions, I froze!

Did I really like her or was I just really hooked on the sex? Was it the bomb sex trying to get emotions in the way? Did she really love me the way she always claimed she did? Did she feel I only wanted to be with her for sex? What the hell was I doing?

I’m damn sure she felt my heart racing so I quickly adjusted, cupped her cheeks in my palm and kissed her forehead. I looked her dead straight in her eyes and lied.

Of course she felt relieved and I did too, honestly. I thought I had just dodged a missile then she hit me again, this time with tears in her eyes!

“Sweetness, I think we should stop seeing each other. I have become so fond of you I can literally cheat on my husband with you if I got married now. I’ve gotten too attached, I don’t think I’d be able to stop you if you ever did lay your hands on me.”

I melted.


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